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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things Rinpoche Bought for Students

These are just examples among the many things that Rinpoche bought for the students when Rinpoche went out shopping, like ladies' bags for lady students or male students' spouses, and blankets/quilts for students who don't have much money. Rinpoche really goes all out to help and care for his students, always.

What Rinpoche Does for Nepalese friends

Kechara employs a few Nepalese workers in Kechara Paradise outlets and Kechara Saraswati Art department, they are very hard-working and talented in works like painting statues, sewing thangkas etc. Rinpoche cares a lot for them, Rinpoche knows that the don't really have much money back in Nepal and that is why they have to leave their beloved families to come to Malaysia to work, so Rinpoche always do a lot of things for these Nepalese friends, Rinpoche would give them gifts, buy them groceries, send students to clean up and decorate the place they stay in, treat them to regular movies etc. and Rinpoche does this continuously. Pictures above show an example of what Rinpoche bought and did specially for our friends from Nepal.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rinpoche Blessing Thangka

This photo was taken in 2002 when Tsem Rinpoche went to Kechara Paradise to bless a thangka...they were using a film camera back then.

Rinpoche Loves Animals!

Tsem Rinpoche loves animals and will be furious with anyone who mistreat/abuse animals, let alone eating them!!

Rinpoche buying Toys

Tsem Rinpoche not only buys gifts for his students always, he also buy gifts for the students' family, for example in this case Rinpoche went to Toys"R"Us and bought thousands Ringgit worth of toys to give to the students' kids. Like I mentioned before, when Rinpoche went shopping, most of the time he ended up buying things for other people, seldom for himself, and before the shopping trip, Rinpoche would spend time thinking through what gift to buy for which person, because Rinpoche cares about how the gift will affect a certain person's mind positively.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Rinpoche visits Kechara House new prayer hall

One evening Tsem Rinpoche visited Kechara House's new prayer hall which is under construction, also present were Kechara House President Datuk May Phng, Mr Ngeow, Kechara Soup Kitchen President Ruby Khong, Kechara Media & Publications CEO Li Kim, David Lai, Wee Liang and Monlam.

Rinpoche always cares about his students

Few days ago Rinpoche went to Ikano and saw this stall selling some devices that will support the back, Rinpoche spontaneously thought of his students who have back problems, who are always driving around or who are sitting in front of the computer for long hours, and Rinpoche immediately spent over one thousand Ringgit and bought 16 of such back-support device to give away to his students. When Rinpoche goes shopping, most of the time Rinpoche ends up buying things/gifts for his students. Most of the time when we go shopping it is to buy things to pamper ourselves, but Rinpoche goes shopping for others, and this is just one of the many activities that Rinpoche does for others, always for others, not for himself.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Jeevan and Rajeswari

Jeevan and Rajeswari are old students of Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. They are devoted Hindus and they often come for Rinpoche's Dharma teachings at Kechara House. They can make very nice Indian food and often offer them to Rinpoche. They have very high respect for Rinpoche, as can be seen here, they have a collage of photos of Rinpoche and his Gurus at their home.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Here is a picture of Alice and friends in Melaka whom visited Kechara's roadshow in Dataran Pahlawan. Alice remembered Rinpoche's teaching that everyday we should be better Buddhists, and so she went to shake the hand of someone who had not been nice to her.

Alice went on to say that Rinpoche is peerless in what Rinpoche has achieved in Malaysia for Dharma.


Alice 还说,詹杜固仁波切在马来西亚弘扬佛法的成就是独一无二的。

Monday, April 12, 2010





尊贵的拉谛仁波切于1922 年出生于西藏。他被著名的恭卡仁波切(前一世)认证为大修行者的转世之后,就加入了位于西藏中部最重要的高等学府─甘丹寺萨济诺林学院。经过十九年的苦学,在1959 年获得了拉然巴格西(佛学博士的学位)。之后数年,他在各地广泛地教导佛学。

1964 年,当仁波切就开始担任大喇嘛尊者的法务助手。至今,再有需要时,仁波切还是常为大喇嘛尊者服务。